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In order to boost the ouput voltage from 12 volt to 13.8 volt

  • You cut all wires coming out of the supply keeping only the various 12 volts wires which are soldered together and also 1 wire giving 5 volts .
  • locate the Pulse Width Modulator which drives the switching transistors .It is the brain of the supply ! Generally it is a small digital circuit (reference TL 494 or something else ending with 494 having 16 pins ) .
  • To increase the output voltage you only have to put a resistor between pin 1 and 7 .
  • The value has to be adjusted in order to get the 13.8 volts at the output .(the value is between 10 and 20 Kohms )1)
  • It should be noted that for some power supply ,to have a good regulation of the output , it is necesary to load the 5 volt circuit with a resistor in order to have some current anywhere between 0.5 and 1 amp .
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