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SECTOR9 /Cosmic Serie /2010 Pathfinder / planche seule 144.95EUR

The 2010 Sector 9 Cosmic Boards Fiberglas and maple construction give these boards a life of their own. Ride the Pathfinder and discover the true meaning of sidewalk surfing when you feel the control and fluid motion these boards provide.

Deck length    96 cm
Shape        Classic-longboard  
Use    Cruising        Carving        Girls       Kids         
Spezial use       Short-Distance Pumping         
Deck width    21.5 cm
Deck-wheelbase centered    69.5 cm
Wheelwells/Cutouts        None  
Deck-width at front truck 14.5 cm
Deck-width at rear truck 16 cm
Deck Thickness at front truck 8 mm
Deck-thickness at rear truck 8 mm
Noselift        No  
Taillift        Yes  
Nose outline        Pin  
Tail Outline        Square  
Waistline        Round-bodied  
Cross-section        Concave  
Cross-section depth    5 mm
Sideview        positive Camber  
Sideview depth    21 mm
Deck holepattern        Newskool (short: 52,5 x 41,5mm)  
Deck-truck mount       
Topmount (conventional mount)         
Material        Wood+Fiberglass
Deck-Top Design        Fiberglass+Logoprint
Deck-Bottom Design        Fiberglas+Fullsize Print
Griptape style        Standard tape+Logo
Griptape included        Yes
Griptape Colour    Black         
Riderweight        Unlimited kg
Product weight kg       
1.4 kg
Made in:       
Packing unit        1 Piece

SETUP Cruising large /standard/ FB75    119.95EUR

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Ce Setup est parfait pour le carving et le cruising meme en vitesse bien élevée et guarantit une conduite éfficace et silencieuse.

Trucks: RANDAL R2-180 /front+rear in silver
Wheels: ABEC11 Flashback /70mm /75A /green
Bearings: ASK Abec-5 /Z-RS
Spacers: 10 mm
Flat-Pads: KHIRO 3 mm soft
Screw-Set: 25 mm



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